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There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure. – Colin Powell

Panel discussion with local CEOs

I attended this panel discussion with local CEOs which organised by BizAsia yesterday and i find that there is something interesting that i would like to share with everyone.

The speakers are as follow:

1) Aileen Sim – Co-founder and Chief Operation Officer of First Meta

3) Nicholas Chan – Executive Director of Azione Capital Pte. Ltd / Founder of Purple ACE and Fatte Telecomm

and the moderator

4) Eric Tachibana – Adjunct Asst Prof. School of Business, NUS / Singapore serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist

The topic for this event is : Entrepreneurship in the new economic outlook

Firstly, they were discussing about economic crisis. Surprisingly, all of them think that economic crisis brings a lot of opportunity. There were sure affects on their entrepreneurial venture, but they just seem confident to overcome those problem. Besides that,  Prof Hari said something that i remember very clearly. ” If you would like to start a business, there is no time other than now, Remember this, there is no such things called better time. I strongly agree with this statement. Think about this, if you are able to avoid the economic crisis, you might face problems with your capital, if you have capital you might have problem with your staff hiring, when you can avoid all these you may face problem with your product and the list go on…so i strongly agree that there is no such thing called best timing.

The other things that Prof. Hari mentioned caught my attention as well. When he was being questioned about how do we know whether our idea is workable, he said :” When people tell you that you are nuts…then you should continue to work whatever you think is correct. Of course that is provided that you have done enough homework. Again, all the entrepreneurs agreed with this. I believe not much people can make such decision whereby other people especially your family and your loved one do not agree on what you are doing. But if we look at all the noble entrepreneurs, all of them were started like this. And if you would like to start something that everyone agrees on, i believe tones of people already doing it. Thus, your chance of success gets lesser. So they define entrepreneurship as value creation, no limitation, commercialisation of venture….

They actually discussed a lot about team building. They emphasized a lot about the different between a team member and a staff. So the characteristic and personality of a person is the most important criteria for a team member. When someone asked about if you are facing technical problem and you are rushing for deadline, your team member is not able to settle it, how you are going to deal with this problem? Nicholas simply answered, hire someone. Staff can always be hired, but a good team member is not easy to find.

Personally, i think it is very tough to be an entrepreneur. But it will definitely be a fun thing if you can make something out of it. So i am now training myself to be an entrepreneur. 🙂 Wish me all the best!!



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