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There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure. – Colin Powell

Happy 2009 新年快乐

Wow, year 2008 has just passed one hour ago. First of all, i would like to wish everyone happy new year and all the best in this coming year!!

I believe everyone will have some new year wishes in the beginning of this year. I do have many wishes in the following year as well. I forsee year 2009 will be a challenging year for me. First and foremost, i will be graduating in this coming May. So, i will need to find a job in Singapore when global financial crisis hits. Besides that, i would need to work doubly hard for my business.

Instead of telling what are my wishes here, i think it is better for me to share how do i plan to accomplish my wish. I believe i should use the word ‘goal’ instead of ‘wish’ to represent what i plan to do in the following year. To me, goals give me the obligation and responsibility to achieve it. This would be more meaningful, isn’t it??

My steps to set goal:

1) Set your goal

2) Set a specific date of when you are going to achieve your goal. ( I think not many people will have some goals and wishes like “i want to be rich”, “i want to start a business”, “i want to become slimmer” and etc. But not many people will know when they are getting there.)

3) Make yourself clear about what you can get when you accomplish your goal. ( I think this is important as this will act as a motivator when you are moving towards your goal. I myself is a person who will easily lose my momentum. For example, i will reward myself a Napolean hill’s book if i am able to lose 5kg in the following 2 months. :p)

4) Make youself clear that what are the knowledge that you need to acquire in order to achieve your goal. ( For example, in order to do well in my business, i believe i would need to improve my presentation skill, selling technique, appearance, communication skill and etc.)

I hope those steps mentioned above will be useful for those who would like to achieve something in a shorter time. 😉

Happy new year again to everyone who drop by here. 😀

happy 2009

happy 2009


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The Top 10 Mistakes People Make When Starting A Business

I believe the scare of financial crisis has affected many people. The  news of jobs cut has been a hot topic since last october. So i believe  many people would want to find some ways to earn extra income. For  instance, one of my friend told me that he wants to become a boss after  his graduation. I have been very interested in entrepreneurship and  thinking of becoming a boss myself one day as well.

I came across  this article which discussing about "The top 10 mistakes people make  when starting a business" from internet. I think this would be very  useful for people who would like to start a business without any  experience. So i would like to discuss about those mistake in this blog  as well :-)

1) Not Enough money

My opinion : I believe everyone realizes that how important cash flow is for any kind of business. Capital is always the main concern when you are starting a business. But i think many people never put the cash flow to run a business into consideration when they starting a business. For a simple example, you have to always pay for your employees before you could actually pay for yourself.

2) Not thinking survival

My opinion: How do you stay around one more day so that you can learn more about your market and close new customers? Sometime you may need to do something that you do not like but it helps to pay the bills. So, i think proper plan is very important for surviving long enough in the business field. Keep yourself learning new things is also one important issue.

3) Losing momentum

My opinion: I think this is a very important issue for an entrepreneur. I have seen some people start their business very excitedly. They think they want to apply what they have learned from the books that they read. They are motivated by many successful people and think that ‘i can do it’. The ‘ i can do it’ feeling will usually fading after they face some failures. So, if you want to become an entrepreneur, try to have the entrepreneur mind first.

4) Doing it all alone

My opinion: If you notice, most of the successful business is not done by one person alone. Nobody is perfect or has the skills to do everything themselves. Having a strong team is of course essential to keep a business going. But there is always disagreements inside a team and your idea usually hardly satisfy everyone. So the technique to manage a good team is also a great knowledge.

5) Not hiring right away

My opinion: In order to save cost, many start ups actually avoiding hiring people. But think about it, how much things that you can do it all alone? how much time do you have in one day for you to run your business? According to the author of “Rich dad poor dad”, OPM(other people time) is a great tool to leverage on and it helps your business grow.

6) Doing it all for the money

My opinion: i think this is simple to understand. You won’t possibly do something for a long period of time if you do not like it.

7) Getting to year one, past year two

My opinion: Many entrepreneurs do not realize that a business usually takes years to see the result. So if you lose your excitement in the first two years, your business may not lasts long. The starting phase of a business is always difficult. You may face many people rejecting you, you may face difficulties of getting rid your inventory and etc. So, prepare to meet the failures before you can be successful.

8) Don’t build around a customer

My opinion: The best way to make money is to find out the problem of you customer and you offer a solution. But i have seen many entrepreneur has done the other way round. They will think that, i will build something good and customers will come. I recommend a book named after <<how do dominate your niche>> and i think you would probably find a solution to solve this problem there. 🙂

9) Don’t seek mentors

My opinion: Yes, many entrepreneurs think that they have acquire a lot of knowledge from school and books. But a great way to get a business going is to find out what other people have done to achieve success and implement those strategies into your own company. I think learning from mentors is the best way to get rid of all the difficulties.

10) Don’t get involved in the community

My opinion: Personal networking is very important for a businessman. I was once work in a PC fair and a young entrepreneur told me that: Business is about how many people you know but not how much you know about the business. I was quite shocking when i heard that but now i realized why.

An informal statistic shows that 95% of start up fail in the first five years. 90% of the remaining 5% fail in the following 5 years. This data shows that many people actually do no realized about the mistakes mentioned above. So welcome all my friends to discuss about how we can learn more and become a successful entrepreneur ya…:-)

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在网上发现这么一篇报道,觉得还蛮惊人的。自小就以米饭面条为主食的我们,难道真的是一项错误? 所以请各位如果有什么意见或证明,还请多多指教 ;-)


对糖尿病患者来说,很多营养师和医生都强调食物中是否含糖,而小心控制。事实上重点不在于摄取了多少糖糖尿病人和普通人一样在消耗体力,没有足够的糖的来 源身体就会启动应急措施,破坏体内的正常组织的蛋白质来转化为糖,这样就会给身体带来一系列的伤害,这就是许多糖尿病患者容易产生并发症的原因。
糖作为人的正常活动所必须的营养素,保持稳定的供应来源,是维持健康所必须的。重点在于我们需要把握几个关键:第一,这些糖以怎样的速度被转化为葡萄糖, 又以怎样的速度进入血液;地二,进入血液的糖如何被输送到细胞;第三,细胞的受体是否接受这些糖;最后则是细胞是否合理地将糖燃烧利用了。过多的热量来源 的摄取并不可怕,关键是这些热量可以缓慢地通过血液进入细胞并且合理地利用释放出来。
随时保持适当的血糖浓度是最重要的。瑜伽因 为糖很重要,是要用于细胞的能量供应的。细胞缺少糖会严重影响正常代谢。我们需要的不是降糖而是要把血糖合理地运用掉,这样血糖的浓度当然也就下降了。我 们的重点不是吃降糖药来降低血糖浓度。降糖只是稀释了血糖浓度,而不是血糖被合理利用。如果细胞一直无法得到转换热量所需要的糖,就会不断地发出信号,而 使身体产生饥饿感,饥饿又会驱使你快速地寻找高碳水化合物的来源,从而使血糖再次升高。如此不断地恶性循环。


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Rich dad poor dad (part 2)



有好多朋友,其实比我还要早毕业,就连我的女朋友也是一样。不知怎么搞得,十个里有九个告诉我工作多么幸苦多么累人,有加班没加薪,没福利每假期。。等等等。。也许你们大家会觉得,我凭什么去comment这些事情,我又还没开始进入社会大学。没错,我是还在求学,但像我说过的,我的爱人已是工作人士,而我自己的工作经验,我觉得已经是比大多数人多得多了。上班族喜欢做的事有,上班时等着吃午饭,吃午饭时说老板坏话,吃完午餐等着放工,女士们在下班前十分钟更是喜欢往厕所里跑。。。。如果你觉得以上这些事项还蛮熟悉的,那你很有可能已是在老鼠赛跑里打滚的一份子咯。。这些都是我的个人经验,上司和下属的关系,往往因一些角度上,能力上,意见上的分歧,而造成了不是很好的关系。。打工的朋友们,试想想,有多少次认为老板吩咐了一些mission impossible或琐碎的事情。身为老板的朋友们,有多少次你们认为你吩咐下属做的事没有做的很好?



当然Robert Kiyosaki是以一位白手起家的百万富翁的姿态去写出这本书。也许有些人会觉得,你又还没有成功,你凭什么做出这些评论呢?那我的回答应该是,靠着上帝给我的智慧以及分析力吧?哈。


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Rich dad poor dad (part 1)

转眼间,大学就要毕业了,也就意味着,很快的我就得接受这五花社会的洗涤. 看了Robert Kiyosaki的<<富爸爸,穷爸爸>>,不禁让我感到些些茫然,但也在我的想法上得到了不少震撼.在我看来,不同性格的人,不同阶层的人对这本书的意见必定很迥然.所以,以下发表的一些意见及想法,纯属个人看法.


我想,很多人会认为Robert Kiyosaki说的就像读书没有什么用了,学校老师所教导的已经不那么符合时宜。但我觉得,Robert Kiyosaki所倡导的是财务知识的重要性。信用卡的普遍性,全世界经济大环境的影响力,使得我们不得没有警觉性。看看身边的人,我想不难找到因无法还卡债而宣布破产的年轻人。所以,我相信,如果只懂得存钱以及花钱,要在社会生存,已是不简单的事了。


我有个朋友在大学时念的是商科。他们的GROUP PROJECT正好为的是探讨这本书的一项报告。她告诉我,他们读了这本书的感想竟然是,“投资是有钱人的玩意儿”。但我真的不赞同这种说法。其实严格说起来,投资的意义可以是很广的。像我们出去工作,难道不是把我们的时间投资在每个月的薪水上吗?像有些人喜欢买马票,难道不是一种想以小博大的投资精神吗?其实我们每一天做的一些决定,都含有一些些投资意义。打个比方,还是一位学生的我,在一星期里的某一天,不需要上课,我可以选择去替人家补习,赚取$40,又或者我可以泡在youtube,facebook或msn里,来抒发我读书的压力。 所以,我个人觉得,这书所提倡的是一种想法,一种概念。让我们在做我们生活里各种大大小小的抉择是,能往比较好的方向作考量。


我想Robert Kiyosaki也不是叫人们都不必去打工,毕竟这个社会也需要不同能力的专业去让整个社会来的更完整。 我觉得作者是想要传达一种讯息,当时代社会不断改变的当儿,我们不能一成不变的做着同样的事情。当然,很多人会觉得这本书在教人怎么变成有钱人,所以如果志不在变成有钱人的人,不会对作者所说的东西感兴趣。 但事实真的是这样吗? M字型社会的形成,全球经济不景气的频繁度,除非你对物质完全没要求,除非你对未来没寄望,或者你已继承了千万家产,不然我想常常警惕自己是非常重要的。 我想没有人可以质疑工作的重要性,它毕竟是大多数人的经济来源。所以工作是给了我们一份安全感。但作者让我发现了,工作的不确定性比我想象中的要多了一些,譬如说,我不知道我几时会加薪,我不知道几时会升职,我不知道会不会被裁员等等等。。 看完了这本书之后,也让我恍然大悟。。我想大家也不妨像我这样去想想, 如果你计划在两年后买一间房子,如果你预测你的薪水在两年后会增加x%,那你在两年后购买一间房子的几率有多大呢?

或者 如果你计划在三年后要结婚(我想我的朋友三年后应该蛮多会结婚了吧?hehe),以你估计毕业后你的薪水的价值,三年后你有能力结婚的能力有多大呢?


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